Contact Information

Mrs. Jane Sema
Email: Principal

Kathryn Villarreal
Email: Receptionist

Administrative Assistant
Vicky Quave
Email: Administrative Assistant

Pre K-3 Teacher
Cathy Chapay
Email: Pre K-3 Teacher

Pre K-3 Assitant
Sister Han Pham
Email: Pre K-3 Assistant

Pre K-4 Teacher
Jessica Allen
Email: Pre K-4A Teacher

Pre K-4A Asst
Pam Kincke
Email: Pre K-4A Asst

Pre K-4B Teacher
Tasha Berthelson
Email: Pre K-4B Teacher

Pre K-4B Asst
Mary Orman
Email: Pre K-4B Asst

Alexis Greene
Email: Kindergarten

1st Grade Teacher
Rosary King
Email: 1st Grade Teacher

2nd Grade Teacher
Sister Loan Nguyen
Email: 2nd Grade Teacher

3rd Grade Teacher
Kelley D'Anthony
Email: 3rd Grade Teacher

4th Grade Teacher
Brittany Hanley
Email: 4th Grade Teacher

5th and 6th Grade Teacher
Robert Kearns
Email: 5th and 6th Grade Teacher

Music Teacher
Khara Molsbee
Email: Music Teacher

Art Teacher
Eva Thompson
Email: Art Teacher

P.E. Teacher / Health
Karl Friedrich
Email: P.E. Teacher / Health

Computer / Spanish Teacher
Shannon Wimberley
Email: Computer / Spanish Teacher

Gerri Weldon
Email: Librarian

Morning Care/ Cafeteria Manager
Maria Short
Email: Morning Care / Cafeteria

After Care / Cafeteria
Tiffany Noble
Email: After Care

Telephone Numbers
Voice: 228-392-4180
Fax: 228-392-4859

10482 LeMoyne Blvd
D'Iberville, MS 39540

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